Chiropractor Visit Do’s and Don’ts

If it’s your initial appointment with a chiropractor, you might be uncertain of what to wear or expect. To make sure that your experience is nothing but comforting and enjoyable, we have compiled some necessary do’s and don’ts just for you. Don’t let visiting the Portland chiropractic clinic be an intimidating situation, this visit should bring about only feelings of peace and security. 


Wear comfortable and appropriate clothing and underwear

When attending your adjustment session, be sure to don clothing that allows for ample ease of movement. You’ll want to avoid anything too tight or constricting, such as a bodycon dress – opt instead for comfortable basics like t-shirts and shorts, or leggings. That way you can move around freely without worrying about any awkward wardrobe malfunctions occurring during the appointment.

Practice good  personal hygiene

As your doctor will be close to you during the appointment, you must remain presentable. If there’s a chance of perspiration or odor, it could make for an uncomfortable situation. So please take necessary steps such as avoiding strenuous activities before the visit and taking a shower beforehand if need be, this gesture goes a long way towards ensuring mutual comfort.

After-care is important

After an adjustment, some individuals can feel “manhandled” or even stiff and stretched out. This is completely normal for your body to adjust after the treatment. To alleviate any pain or tightness that you may be feeling, we recommend taking a warm bath in Epsom salts once you arrive home.


Tip your doctor

Unlike a massage therapist at the spa, tipping your chiropractor is unnecessary. Chiropractors are not massage therapists, they provide medical services and should be treated as such. Don’t feel obligated to give them extra money; simply thank them for their service without any additional gratuity.

Overdo it with your perfume

You may like the aroma of your cologne, but you can never be certain if it will cause an adverse reaction with your doctor. It’s always best to take precautionary measures and stick to a lighter antiperspirant. Strong scents in close quarters could make for an unpleasant session, so rather than risk discomforting yourself or the physician, save any heavy fragrances for special occasions.

Forget to relax

Your initial experience with a chiropractor might seem daunting, particularly if you’re not accustomed to touching or being touched. Put your worries aside, it’ll be worth the brief uneasiness when you feel how much looser and more at ease you are afterward.

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