Therapeutic Massages In Portland, OR


At Laurelhurst Chiropractic, the specialists utilize the healing power of massage to improve various conditions including those that cause back pain, neck pain and muscle pain. The techniques he uses to promote an overall better sense of well-being. His entire practice centers around improving health through natural means including the following massage therapy techniques: 

1. Deep Tissue Massage

The technique behind deep tissue massage therapy is comparative to Swedish massage since both focus on releasing tension in the muscles. Deep tissue massage relieves pressure deeper within the muscles than what Swedish massage does. The massage therapist will take into consideration the tissue, fascia, and tendons that surround the muscles. In addition to loosening up the muscles, this particular massage may also reduce blood pressure, reduce stress hormones and release oxytocin and serotonin–both of which improve mood.  

2. Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most well-known massage therapy technique. It’s the one done in spas. It relaxes the body. When massage therapists in Portland utilize this technique, they increase oxygen levels in the blood. Those who use massage therapy in Portland will enhance the healing process by decreasing the amount of muscle toxins. The massage helps to stimulate blood flow to the area as a natural pain relief method. When the massage therapist conducts a Swedish massage, it reduces tension in the muscles, which helps with flexion. 

3. Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is another Portland massage therapy given to patients that’s used for pain. This type of therapy targets a “trigger point,” which is a tight area in the muscle tissue that contributes to pain in another area of the body. Massage therapy in Portland OR may use a trigger point such as one in the back to reduce pain in the neck. This pain in the neck may cause a domino effect and cause pain in the head as well, which the massage can help also.  

4. Sports Massage

Not all massage therapy is used as a neck pain treatment or for back pain relief. Sports massage therapy, for example, has the ability to enhance sports performance by relieving tension in stressed or overused muscles. The message has the ability to increase a person’s endurance and flexibility. Additionally, the massage will reduce muscle fatigue. 


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