How Acupuncture Will Help You Sleep Better?

How Acupuncture Will Help You Sleep Better? - Laurelhurst Chiropractic

If you suffer from insomnia, you may be ready to try anything to get a good night’s sleep. Have you tried acupuncture? Learn how acupuncture treatments from our Portland chiropractor can relieve symptoms of insomnia. 

How A Chiropractor Can Treat Insomnia?

We know that everybody has a different natural sleep pattern. You may get by perfectly fine with 6 hours of sleep a night or never feel rested unless you get a full 9 hours. The longer you go without getting the rest you need, the more irritated you will become in your daily life and the more physically exhausted you will get. Chronic or acute pain can play a role in insomnia by keeping you awake because you cannot get comfortable enough to rest. 

If you suffer insomnia, you may stay away for hours after getting in bed unable to sleep. You may manage to fall asleep, yet wake in the night and struggle to return to sleep. While many people think of insomnia as a permanent condition, there are chronic and temporary forms of health problems. You may have insomnia for a week if something stressful is going on in your life. 

Our chiropractor can reduce the symptoms of your insomnia and help you sleep better by removing subluxations of the spine, which impact nervous system health. We can also treat underlying chronic pain contributing to your sleep troubles. When your nervous system is tuned up and working properly, and you feel no pain, you will be able to enjoy healthier sleep naturally. If you want better sleep without taking drugs, we can help.  

See a Chiropractor in Portland

Up to 10 percent of Americans have chronic insomnia, and 25 percent experience sleeplessness occasionally. If you are among them, why not give your nervous system a tune-up, relieve pain, feel better, and improve your well-being? We are here to help. 

Try a consultation with our chiropractor in Portland, Oregon to learn how we can restore your sleep functions. Reserve your chiropractic consultation by emailing us or calling today. 


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