About Us - Meet The Team

Dr. Phil McCary was a chiropractic patient long before he ever thought of becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic. His first adjustment was before he can remember, but the story goes like this. His father had a severe lower back injury that made it impossible for him to work on the family farm. He had sought the advice of many doctors with no answers until being referred to the local small town Chiropractor. Dr. Phil was only a few months old and had been constipated for about one week. Dr. Phil’s father was telling the chiropractor about this at one of his visits and the doc said, “Let me take a look at him.” She performed a few gentle adjustments and the little family headed out. By the time they made it home Dr. Phil’s little baby Osh-Kosh overalls where overflowing, the flood gates were open! Dr. McCary continued to be a chiropractic patient all the way through university, competing as a sprinter and 400m hurdler for the University of Washington. He feels like regular adjustments were a huge part of keeping him healthy and allowing him to compete against athletes that were much more physically talented. He attended the University of Western States where he met his future wife, Dr. Danielle McCary. They took over Laurelhurst Chiropractic in 2014, but the clinic was founded in 1996. They believe the clinic has barely begun to reach its potential!

Dr. Danielle McCary uses her expert chiropractic skills to help men and women in the Portland, Oregon, area feel better by overcoming injury or combatting chronic pain. She works with her husband, Dr. Phil McCary, at Laurelhurst Chiropractic. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, in Canada, Dr. Danielle completed her pre-chiropractic studies at the University of Ottawa in the Canadian province of Ontario. She also participated on the Canadian national team as an elite sprint canoeist and kayaker. During her competitive years, she represented Canada around the world, and many of her provincial and national records still hold today. Dr. Danielle began her chiropractic career as an associate doctor in Portland. During this time, she gained valuable experience that she now shares with patients at Laurelhurst Chiropractic. She provides spinal adjustments, soft-tissue manipulations, lifestyle guidance, and electrical stimulation — among other treatments — to help heal injuries from accidents, chronic pain, sciatica, and whiplash.

Dr. Kirby Teuila Portland Laurelhurst Chiropractic

Dr. Kirby Teuila Grey

Dr. Kirby Teuila Grey is an acupuncturist, herbalist, bodyworker hailing from Seattle, WA. After studying theology, Kirby decided that the best way to heal herself and others was to engage with Eastern Medicine and the healing arts. With these tools and her experience and observations of the world, Kirby seeks to help folks heal from the material and spiritual diseases that ail them; to reconnect and engage with themselves holistically, systematically and in unity. Currently, she is working to create a framework that uses various tools, including ceremony, ritual, body movement, and storytelling to help people initiate, connect, and/or remember who they ARE. Whether it’s a woman who’s recently transitioned into motherhood, young adults in their transitions to adulthood, individuals reconnecting after addiction, or communities dealing with systematic oppression, Kirby welcomes them into her practice with an open heart.

Michael Skogg Neuromuscular Therapist and Personal Trainer laurelhurst chiropractic

Michael Skogg

Fitness leader Michael Skogg has joined the Laurelhurst Chiropractic team bringing over 30 years experience in his profession. As an educator, published author and world renowned coach his experience in corrective exercise and rehabilitation has made him an authority in his field. A graduate of the St. John’s masters program, Michael’s Neuromuscular Therapy practices and numerous certifications gives him the education and experience to address nearly any non-surgical injury issue. As an active athlete Michael’s belief that “movement is medicine” and “anyone can be strong”, has produced thousands of success stories and testimonials from his world wide following. In his spare time Michael enjoys all board sports, any form of resistance training and just about anything that results in an active healthy lifestyle.

Bree Bizell Miller Massage therapies Portland

Bree Bizell-Miller

Bree is a massage therapist whose primary focus is deep tissue therapy. Practicing since 2014, Bree loves what she does and thoroughly enjoys interacting with clients. Feeling very blessed to have space where she can grow and help clients, Bree is a wonderful addition to the Laurelhurst team!

Isabel Burbek

Isabel Burbek

Isabel’s passion for massage started in 2006 when she took a trip to India traveling and receiving Ayurvedic treatments and massage. During the trip, she learned a lot about her own personal health and the relationship between her body and mind. This led her to move to Oregon and begin her journey in healthcare. Isabel graduated from East West College of the Healing arts in 2008 and since licensure, she has been practicing primarily in Chiropractic offices dealing mostly with injury recovery. Her specialties include traditional Swedish, deep tissue, cupping, Thai, cranial-sacral, and injury recovery. Isabel has since received her Bachelors of Science in Psychology focusing her studies on neuroscience, human anatomy and physiology and public and personal health. In her free time, Isabel enjoys hiking, practicing yoga and Pilates, reading books, and playing the cello. She is passionate about her work and the role she plays in each individual’s recovery.
Cira Hamlin Massage Therapist

Cira Hamlin

Cira was drawn to massage after a transformative experience during a potent Thai massage while at a mediation and yoga center on a small island off the Canadian coast. She felt shaken to her core with the release of old, unhelpful tension patterns, and knew she wanted to help others feel the same way. Upon returning to Portland she signed up for massage school at East West College of Healing Arts. Through her education and ongoing courses, she has focused on Thai massage, along with gentler forms of treatment with Reiki and Craniosacral. She has fine-tuned her perceptive acuity in Reiki by studying with Colleen Benelli and has studied with Todd Jackson for biodynamic Craniosacral therapy and intuitive yoga. She finds the demands of listening to the body both breathtakingly challenging and enormously rewarding. Cira delights in helping remind the body of its innate wisdom to heal itself & feels deeply humbled to have opportunities to work with people during their most vulnerable of times, hoping she helps create space in which to unwind and help each client find any amount of relief possible

Holly Rathbun Team member Laurelhurst Chiropractic clinic

Holly Rathbun

Originally from MI and a self-proclaimed anatomy nerd, Holly moved here to pursue a dream in health and wellness. Fascinated with the human body and its innate ability to heal has taken her on journeys through non-surgical podiatry, sports medicine and functional movement. Realizing her passion for helping others, Holly is currently attending East West College of the Healing Arts for massage therapy. She looks forward to expanding her love and knowledge of the body and infusing it with her appreciation of movement and fitness. In her downtime, she enjoys strolling the bountiful city parks and Portland’s plethora of live music venues.