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Prenatal chiropractic care in laurelhurst chiropractic Portland

Prenatal chiropractic care in Portland can be very beneficial for moms-to-be, preventing pain and discomfort in the months or weeks leading up to the birth. For future mothers, a pregnancy chiropractor often recommends the Webster Technique in Portland.

What is the Webster Technique?

The Webster Technique involves triggering pelvic muscles, causing these to stiffen so the baby is moved into a certain position. This makes it more ideal for giving birth. Unfortunately, the Webster Technique has a lot of myths and misconceptions associated with it.

Your chiropractor in Portland would be more than happy to clear these up. Here are some truths revealed about the Webster Technique.

MYTH: The Webster Technique flips your baby around.

TRUTH: This is false. The Webster Technique is not a baby flipping technique. The pregnancy chiropractor doesn’t cause the baby to move suddenly like that, but rather gradually into a more upright position conducive for comfortable birthing.

MYTH: The Webster Technique doesn’t work for all babies.

TRUTH: While it is true that sometimes it does take more than one appointment for the baby to move as desired, that doesn’t mean the Webster Technique doesn’t work for all babies.

MYTH: The baby can get caught on its own umbilical cord as it moves.

TRUTH: Wrong again. As the baby moves through the Webster Technique, they’re actually in a better position than they would be without this technique. That means a reduced rate of getting caught in their umbilical cord.

MYTH: Early labor may be induced with the Webster Technique.

TRUTH: Of course not. The Webster Technique will not speed up or delay labor. It will only make birthing more comfortable when it happens.



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