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Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Portland, OR

If you’re in pain after an auto accident, it’s important to make sure your body is on the right path to healing. Did you know chiropractors can help treat auto accident injuries? Covering up the symptoms will only provide temporary relief, but full-body healing and long-term wellness are always our goals at Laurelhurst Chiropractic. Our chiropractors, Drs. Phil and Danielle McCary, have years of experience helping their patients heal after auto accidents. If you have pain, stiffness, or other injury symptoms after an auto accident, we want to help you too.


Common Types & Symptoms of Auto Accident Injuries

Every auto accident is unique, so it’s important for your chiropractor to fully evaluate your specific injury and personalize the right treatment plan for you. We want to know where your injury is, when and how it happened, and exactly how it’s affecting your body and mind.

Here are some of the most common injuries and symptoms we see after auto accident injuries:

Whiplash – Soreness, pain or mobility loss in your neck may be a symptom of whiplash, a common car accident injury that occurs when your head and neck snap back and forth without proper support. Even very slow, mild rear-end collisions may cause whiplash, and inflammation must be reduced in order to heal and correct any misalignment.

Headaches – Even if you sustained no direct head trauma during your auto accident, spinal misalignment and inflammation or tension in the upper body may cause recurring headaches. It’s especially important to rule out a concussion or blood clot as we look for the source of your headaches.

Neck Pain – Stiffness and pain in the neck is a common symptom of whiplash, and it may also be caused by misalignment or tension due to trauma elsewhere along the spine. If your spine is not in its proper position, your neck may take on unnatural or excessive burdens, resulting in chronic tension and soreness.

Back Pain – If a spinal disc slipped out of place during the force of your collision, you may suffer back pain, posture problems, and constant soreness and tension as a result. Even sore, inflamed tissue in the spine can cause extra friction and pain, but misalignment must be corrected to restore proper support to your body and relieve back pain.

When to Seek Treatment for Car Crash Injuries

Auto accident injuries can cause anything from minor bruising and swelling to dangerous clots, concussions, and head trauma. If you were injured in an auto accident, seek care as soon as possible. Your symptoms could worsen or cause additional trauma to your body without treatment.

How Our Chiropractor Treats Auto Accident Injuries

Our chiropractors in Portland are committed to correcting misalignment and reducing inflammation, which are two of the biggest sources of pain and trauma after auto accidents. If your spinal column needs adjustments, we offer manual and instrument-assisted chiropractic manipulations that actually slide your spinal discs back into the proper order. If you have pain or mobility loss due to tense muscles, we will reduce pressure on your nerves by loosening restricted tissue and promoting proper blood flow. Whether the source of your injury is repetitive habits or a traumatic accident, your chiropractor will focus on all-natural, non-invasive ways to promote healing and restore natural balance to your body.

Your Treatment May Be Covered Under Insurance

Often times, our diagnostic exam and chiropractic care is covered under your insurance. We’ll help you to determine if this is the case. If you’ve been involved in an accident that someone else caused, it may be covered under their liability insurance as well. We’ll help you with all of the insurance and legal paperwork as well.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Car Accident Chiropractor in Portland

Our chiropractors know how important it is to diagnose and treat auto accident injuries right away. If you’re injured, we can help you heal. Contact Laurelhurst Chiropractic today at (503)234-4288 to make an appointment with our chiropractors in Portland, OR.

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