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Pain Relief in Portland

As your chiropractor in Portland, we offer a range of complementary healing methods for natural pain relief. Explore our approach to pain relief and the many holistic strategies that we can use to help you find freedom from the pain that holds you back from living your best life. 

Our Pain Treatment Services

We invite you to visit us if you have been in an accident (car, workplace, or personal injury), suffer from ongoing injuries related to overuse, ergonomic irritation, or poor posture, or experience discomfort and pain when performing activities of daily life. We have many methods that we can use to soothe your pain, reduce inflammation, and promote healing by activating your body's inner healing system.

woman with back and neck pain

Natural pain relief methods we employ at Laurelhurst Chiropractic include: 

  • Chiropractic adjustment - We offer chiropractic adjustments to soothe your pain and inflammation. Many of our patients find direct pain reduction from the first appointment onwards. As we reduce pain, we can realign the spine and rebalance muscles so you experience less pain in the future. 

  • Massage Therapy - Therapeutic massage helps injured muscle and soft tissue relax, let go of tension and toxins, and begin to heal. Massage also promotes natural stress release, mind body wellness, and healing from trauma. 

  • Acupuncture - We use acupuncture together with chiropractic to soothe the body, heal injuries at a cellular level, clear stale energy from the body, and promote wellness. By performing acupuncture before chiropractic, we are able to warm up the body and make deeper adjustments for faster healing. 

  • Kinesiotaping - Athletes and those in active injury recovery may benefit from kinesiotaping after a chiropractic adjustment. This unique tape supports the adjustment, holding in place as a pair of hands would. By supporting the adjusted position for days after healing, kinesiotape can shorten your recovery time. 

  • Electric stimulation - If you are in active injury recovery, we often use electric stimulation. This natural and non-invasive healing method stimulates circulation, promotes blood flow in injured tissue, reduces scar tissue, and supports healing. Gentle and soothing, electric stimulation works on a wide range of injuries. 

Why See Our Portland Chiropractor for Pain Relief?

If you have pain, then it will not heal until your pain treatment addresses the root of the pain. Our Portland chiropractor is skilled at diagnosing pain issues, finding the real root cause (which may be different from the area where you find the pain), and effectively promoting healing via natural methods. If you seek a wellness provider who does not simply give you drugs to hide your pain, but treats the pain so it does not come back, we invite you to see us. 

Would you like to learn more about how we can help you with the pain you experience?

Call us today at (503)234-4288 to set up your first consultation with our chiropractors and learn how we can help you not only survive your pain, but thrive in all areas of your life! 

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