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Lower Back Pain Treatments with our Portland Chiropractor

Are you struggling with the pain and frustration of lower back pain? You need a qualified chiropractor to ease your pain and restore your spinal health. At Laurelhurst Chiropractic, we welcome the opportunity to provide lower back pain relief to residents of Portland and the surrounding areas. Our services for lower back pain are natural and offer an immediate reduction in your symptoms. With on-going care, you find on-going relief and a reduced chance that your symptoms will return in the future. Our husband and wife chiropractic team work together to provide you the best treatments for lower back pain.

Lower Back Pain Treatments with our Portland Chiropractor

Our Portland Chiropractor Offers These Services:

  • Adjustments to position your spine into pain-free alignment. Dr. Phil McCary and Dr. Danielle McCary gently position the vertebrae of your spine while focusing on your lower back. If a mis-alignment was found during an evaluation, our chiropractors slide the vertebrae into place to eliminate pressure on nerves and discs. Over time, your spine learns to remain in this healthy, pain-free position.

  • Kinesio taping across your lower back may provide extra support for weak or unbalanced muscles. Our chiropractors use this flexible tape to support muscles that have been strained in injuries. The tape holds muscles in position, while giving you support during movements. Plus, it warms the area by increasing circulation to it which brings cellular healing.

  •  Electrical stimulation of muscle tissue supports and encourages healing in your lower back and hips. Weak or strained muscles may pull your spine out of alignment which leads to pain. Muscle stimulation develops strong muscles that support good posture.

  • Acupuncture for lower back pain is another natural way to restore your health. Tiny needles are positioned on your back to encourage healing and energy flow to the area.

  • Nutritional counseling services support your general health, but also help to reduce low back pain. We show you which foods to avoid that may be leading to an increase in inflammation.

  • Lifestyle changes are also suggested to encourage better posture and reduce the strain on your lower back. Dr. Phil McCary and Dr. Danielle McCary show you ways to arrange your work station to eliminate pain and help you keep pain-free. 

Call Laurelhurst Chiropractic to Learn More about Lower Back Pain Treatments in Portland, OR

Lower back pain can keep you from living the life you enjoy. It may appear suddenly or can overtake you slowly throughout the years. Our chiropractors evaluate your pain to determine the exact source, so they can provide specific treatment to meet your needs. Lower back pain may be the result of an overuse injury, lifting heavy objects, an auto accident injury, sports-related incident, spinal abnormality or poor posture. If we discover a vertebrae out of alignment or a bulging disc, our gentle treatment options reduce your lower back pain and restore your core strength. Our chiropractors are available to answer your questions and look forward to caring for you and your family. To schedule your appointment, please call us today at (503)234-4288.

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