Tendonitis pain relief

Tendonitis describes inflammation of a tendon, the connective tissue that attaches bone to muscle. It often develops gradually as the result of repetitive movement, as in a sports activity or commonly repeated household chores. At Laurelhurst Chiropractic in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Phil McCary treats tendonitis with a holistic approach. He addresses both your symptoms and the cause of your tendonitis so you have a resolution of pain and return to full function. If you live in the Portland area and have tendon pain, call the office or use the online booking agent to make an appointment today.

At Laurelhurst Chiropractic, Portland, we understand that finding holistic care doctors can be very complicated. For a person suffering From health problems and frustrated by the traditional approach, the process of finding relief through natural remedies could seem even more complicated. At our wellness clinic, we believe that prospective patients should receive answers to important questions and a road map to success before choosing to work with a team of holistic care doctors in Portland.

Symptoms of tendonitis

The symptoms of tendonitis often come on gradually and worsen with time. You may feel a dull ache, especially when moving the joint. You may also have:

  • Tenderness at the joint
  • Mild swelling
  • Loss of motion, particularly if the shoulder is affected

Causes Of tendonitis

Tendonitis most often occurs due to repetitive activity that causes a minor impact. It can result from a sudden, severe injury, however. Examples of activity that sometimes leads to tendonitis include:

  • Golfing and tennis
  • Throwing and pitching
  • Gardening or raking
  • Painting
  • Scrubbing, mopping, and other house cleaning chores

Poor posture, abnormal joint placement, doing too much too soon especially in terms of exercise and some inflammatory conditions can also make you more vulnerable to tendinitis.

Where does tendonitis develop?

You can develop tendonitis just about anywhere you have a tendon, but the most common places are the elbows (tennis elbow), shoulders, hips, knees, Achilles tendon, and base of the thumb.

How does a chiropractor treat tendonitis?

Chiropractic care targets bones and their joints specifically, providing adjustments to the alignment of each joint of the body. Instead of masking your pain with drugs, Dr. McCary looks at the mechanical function of the body directly and helps restore each joint to its optimum natural configuration.

In so doing, he can correct for postural or joint dysfunction that’s contributing to tendonitis pain. Chiropractic recognizes that no joint exists in isolation, and injury to a joint, such as tendinitis, impacts neighboring joints and affects how you move.

Dr. McCary uses the knowledge of the human body’s mechanical workings to align the joints to promote an optimal range of motion, circulation, and healing. He performs gentle adjustments to your spine, soft-tissue stimulation, electrotherapy, ultrasound, and hot and cold treatments to alleviate pain and improve your range of motion. Muscle relaxation techniques allow him to perform adjustments to the affected joints, too.

To continue your healing when you’re not in the office, Dr. McCary offers information and instruction about muscle-strengthening exercise that helps stabilize your joints so they have more stamina and can withstand repetitive activity.