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We often hear concerns with the safety of chiropractic care so today we are setting the record straight! First and foremost; not only is chiropractic care safe, it is also very effective. Studies also show high rates of patient satisfaction with treatment. That means less time in pain and more time living your life. 

So what about the risks?

There is always risk involved with any form of healthcare and chiropractic treatment is no different especially with it’s hands-on approach. Adverse effects vary greatly and can be anything from soreness and stiffness to fractures. Researchers have compiled all the data on chiropractic treatment and its safety. The studies found in most cases, the data couldn’t specifically pinpoint the chiropractic treatment as the cause for these adverse reactions. What does this mean? Adverse reactions following chiropractic care are so minimal in severity and so few and far between, research can only estimate how often they occur. 

What are the actual numbers?

Current research and data is showing a range of about 1 in 20,000 to 1 in several million chances of serious adverse reactions to chiropractic treatment. To put these numbers into perspective the risk of adverse events when going to the hospital is 1 in 3. Numbers show risk of harm is greater in your vehicle on the way to your chiropractor than by your actual chiropractor. We are continually following the current research and emerging studies with chiropractic care. The research is showing without a doubt there is very low risks of causing serious harm.

Rest assured, here at Laurelhurst chiropractic you’re in safe hands. Schedule an appointment today!

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