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You’ve just learned you’re pregnant, which is exciting but scary for first-time mothers. You want to ensure your baby is growing and developing healthfully without causing you too many aches and pains. By receiving prenatal chiropractic care in Portland, you can lessen the discomfort that often comes with pregnancy through the Webster Technique. Here’s everything you need to know about this technique from a chiropractic clinic in Portland.

Webster Technique

The Webster Technique is a chiropractic technique administered by a pregnancy chiropractor. This is not a baby flipping technique. Instead, the chiropractor will alleviate sacroiliac joint dysfunction and sacral subluxation through this technique. What this does is cause the ligaments and muscles in the pelvis to stiffen up because of better neuro-biomechanical function. The baby does move to aid in birthing, but the baby is not flipped around like a hamburger.

Although the Webster Technique is sometimes called the turning technique, there are a lot of myths associated with this technique, unfortunately. For instance, some say the Webster Technique may lead to the baby getting trapped in the umbilical cord. Others assume this technique can induce early labor. Both are not true at all.

Benefits of Webster Technique

In fact, prenatal care in Portland such as the Webster Technique is beneficial for expecting mothers. Here are some ways you and the baby will be in great health before you give birth:

  • There are fewer chances of birth trauma and dystocia associated with the Webster Technique
  • The baby moves in such a way that giving birth is far less painful for the mother
  • The baby’s skeletal structure, spine, and cranium can grow more naturally after being moved through the Webster Technique
  • The uterine cycle in the mother will stay normal, which can lessen the chances of a painful birth
  • The vital nervous system is healthier, meaning fewer aches, pains, and other discomforts often associated with pregnancy

As you can see then, mother and baby will both benefit from the Webster Technique. If you’re well into your pregnancy, it’s not too late to see a chiropractor in Portland and begin discussing your chiropractic options.

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