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Planning and goal setting

If we want different results in the future than what we have gotten in the past the only way for that to happen predictably is for us to change our actions.

Most of us want better results in the future but rarely are we willing to make the changes in our own daily actions that will make them happen. We think that we need a stroke of luck or that somehow just doing the same thing will get different results. It won’t. Here are the steps I recommend for making 2020 better than 2019, or at least to get us moving in the right direction.

1) Take a day, or even a few hours to reflect and plan. Look back on your year. What areas of your life are important to you? Relationships, finances, physical health, mental/spiritual health, career, etc. How did they go last year? Give an honest assessment.

2) Now think about where you would like to at the year’s end. Imagine a difficult, but possible ending place. Make it measurable if at all possible. Think of it like GPS. Your GPS needs to know where you are and where you want to go in order to get you there. Define both of those places as well as you can.

3) Break the goal down into benchmarks. Start with big benchmarks. I like quarterly and monthly.

4) Break the benchmarks down into actions. Dr. John C. Maxwell says the secret of your success is hidden in your daily routine. Break your goals down into small habits that you can manage daily. If you are stuck, find someone that has succeeded in the area you want success in and ask them for help crafting these daily habit changes. Maybe it’s changing from buying a latte to bringing black coffee from home. Doing 20 pushups every morning. Listening to an educational or inspiring podcast instead of music on your commute and at the gym. Small things you can change daily. Easy to do, but also easy not to do!

The secret of our success is hidden in your daily routine!
Dr. Phil McCary, your Portland Chiropractor, hopes you found this goal-setting blog post helpful!

Plan and set goals of 2020

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