Traction Therapy In Portland, OR

If you have pain in your neck or back, it is possible that a back pain treatment called spinal decompression may help you. Spinal decompression therapy in Portland, OR is a popular and often effective form of treatment for people who suffer from herniated discs and has brought many back and neck pain relief. But before you sign up for traction therapy in Portland, it is important to find a chiropractic clinic in Portland that is experienced in using this type of therapy in order to assure that you don’t suffer further injuries.

Spinal Decompression Chiropractor

Although we offer a wide range of options for chiropractic care in Portland, Laurelhurst Chiropractic in Portland, Oregon is experienced in assessing patients who are needing back pain treatment or who are looking for neck pain relief to see if they are able to benefit from a spinal decompression chiropractor in Portland. Spinal decompression therapy works by stretching and relaxing the spine in a controlled manner in order to create a negative pressure within a disc. The goal of traction therapy is to pull herniated disc material back into the disc and allow healing nutrients to enter and allow for better healing.

What to Expect From Spinal Decompression Therapy in Portland

Those who are most likely to benefit from traction therapy in Portland are those whose problems are largely caused by or enhanced by gravity. This includes those with

  • Sciatica
  • Pinched nerves
  • Bone spurs
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Slipped or herniated discs
  • Facet disease
  • Formula stenosis

During a spinal decompression session, your chiropractor in Portland will place a harness around your hips and attach it to the lower part of a table. The upper part of the table remains still, and the lower part of the table is moved in a relaxed and controlled manner. When the therapy is performed correctly, the patient should not experience pain during the procedure but should feel their spine stretch.

In most cases, spinal decompression therapy includes 15-30 or 30-45 minute treatments over 4-6 weeks, however, it is important that each person is properly assessed at our chiropractic clinic in Portland to determine whether this or another form of back pain treatment is best suited to their symptoms and lifestyle.

Visit Your Local Chiropractor, Laurelhurst Chiropractic in Portland, OR

If you are in pain for whatever reason there is a good chance that chiropractic care in Portland can provide you with some option for pain relief without drugs or surgery. To learn more about our options for chiropractic care in Portland contact Laurelhurst Chiropractic at (503)234-4288 to schedule an assessment.


Do not ignore your neck or back pain, it can become worse over time. It’s important to consult with the doctor and understand the root cause of neck or back pain.

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